Early treatment of schizophrenia may not slow disease progression


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But in all seriousness, I didn’t really believe that early treatment made much of a difference, the drugs don’t inhibit growth of anything they more or less just inhibit neurotransmitter production.

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Yes, they have this fixed idea about ‘early intervention’ but the problem is cognititve deterioration and excessive prunning and drugs are not targeting it (except Latuda, but I’ve been pointed that this is also still a controversy). So the whole thing of early intervention is a myth, but

of course if you intervene early the person might be able to not alienate friends, to keep his/her job, etc. So nothing magical in early intervention.

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what about latuda improves things? By chance I got put on it and I feel very normal besides being easily fatigued and having little motivation and some non related schizophrenia/depression symptoms.

There is data on Latuda making cognition better

In my usual habit of trying to find the good in whatever I can, this is my take:

Therefore, they caution that “while starting ‘treatment as usual’ earlier may not halt the disease process, comprehensive and sustained care has been shown to improve overall mental health for those with schizophrenia.”

Early intervention isn’t usually just getting someone a prescription fast - it’s a complete program. And that complete program is still shown to be useful. You could even view it positively in that probably even people who have been ill for a very long time could potentially benefit.

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