Early Present time

So hitting the 50 mark soon which isn’t a bad effort in my books but no parties because of lockdown and isolation. Meantime my Kindle reader is hopefully turning up tomorrow via post which is way cool. Looking forward to loading a couple of books and have some picked out of course…

It’s a nice reward for not spending money on beer and stuff. It’s amazing how much a six pack here and there adds up and with lockdown I’m not spending on fuel and things like take away food. So. Hope to be enjoying a new read tomorrow… if this postal system doesn’t collapse…everything is days behind because everyone is internet shopping.


Happy birthday mate!!


I hope you get your Kindle tomorrow.


Still a few weeks yet :)…mid July but looking forward to my kindle!

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I’m sure you’ll love your kindle. Did you purchase a cover for your kindle?

I have found that the kindle e-book prices can drop gradually and they can also sometimes fluctuate from one day to the next and they will occasionally drop way down in price for a day or two. I would recommend creating a “wish list” of books and then monitor the price. I’ve had books suddenly drop in price down as low as $1.99 or $2.99 at which point I snatch up the book. There are also free e-book price trackers such as ereaderiq.

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Thanks for the tips @Moonbeam. Had a look at the covers and will get one for it. I’ve found some really good reads for really cheap already so I’ve already started my list. I’m surprised by just what is available and I’ve been impressed by the selection. Really looking forward to having a read when it comes in. I finished my last book on the weekend and I’m committed to reading at least a chapter a night.

I’ll do what you suggest and keep an eye on the ones I’d like to have for a collection for sure. :slight_smile:

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