Ear phones

Using ear phones, bluetooth, makes people think you talk to yourself or with them. Happened to me today. Some people answered me while I was talking on the phone. Maybe I need to learn to not look at people when I talk on the phone. Haha


At least you’re not talking to yourself like I was while pychotic, really hope that that never happens to me again!

I used radio waves to communicate when I was psychotic. I was quiet. Did not say a word. I did not need to. I made thoughts come in other people’s minds with radio waves.

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I’ll keep that one in mind if psychosis returns

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I break my earphones really fast…it’s bad. I go through ear phones like so and so goes through women.

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No room for any negative thinking at all Minnii. Psychosis will not return if you keep up all the positives things you’re doing. How was school?

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Just like my son. 5 of them in two years. Ear phones that is. Not women. :wink:

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I’ve heard people say that they thought someone was talking to himself out loud in public when he really had ear phones on. I bet that could be kind of disconcerting.

Cool, I loved it. Only three classes a day, only in the morning, it’s really doable. I’m not that stressed anymore, will keep half of my day busy, and my head busy not obsessing about the illness which is great. I only see stress coming when its time for the exams, but I’ll manage then, it’s no biggie.
Thanks for asking :smile:


I had a funny experience with this ear phones matter once, one older person was speaking ‘alone’, I thought and I went to tell him that he does not need to speak alone, but then this person said he was on phone, well I continued my bicycle riding.

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