Eager to read something like this for Sz

Cure for cancer (all kinds) 5 years away:


Don’t remember where this quote is from but it goes like this;

“Cancer treatment is a billion dollar industry. Why find a cure when you can keep making money off it?”

This is just one of the many links which talks about curing all kind of cancers in next 5 years. If you are and outsider not making money or name from the treatments then looking for and providing cure is your only option perhaps to fame and money. Thats how free market helps.

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Not only cancer, same this is hoped for HIV as well. Next five years.

True. I misread your title, I also am eager to find something like this for SZ/SZA.

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That was already two years ago. March, 2016. Wonder what is happening?!

Yeah there’s some big breakthroughs but you look for ten to fifteen years before it’s affordable.

The history of psychiatry is interesting. It’s full of crack pot theories and terrible treatments. Saying that. That stuff they are doing for cancer is crazily good and my mother is a good example of having her life improved by years. She had a stage four melanoma and is here after 5 plus years.

It’ll happen. I’d put more money on us blowing up the planet before the cure the way we are going at the moment!


According to this report, 50% of cancer patients die of their disease. In Britain anyway. That’s terrible statistics. But overall the report has good news. Finally, some good news coming from cancer research.

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Local articles in popular media about local research usually lack perspective. Articles about distant research in international media are more likely to be substantive.

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