Each episode is worse

Anyone else experience the same

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My relapses on meds were less severe than my pre-diagnosed, pre-medicated years

I wish i could say the same. :frowning:

Yes, every episode lasts more and is more severe

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When I’m not on meds, the voices are nonstop, 24/7, and have gotten worse and worse so that they are never nice.

The longer I was left without treatment let things spiral out of control.

I found through my recovery process that I am not going to rage quit my meds any more, and follow doctors instructions.

I had a serious episode at 16/17 and another when I was 23.

All the other times I went to hospital after 23 I hated it and got out of there are fast as possible.

If I had lost it, my requests for discharge would come as my primary reaction to being in that environment

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I wish i could die :upside_down_face:

Please don’t do anything like that!!! Mine have gotten worse each time, but on meds I’ve been ok the last seven years!! I’ve had very few scared, and reported them ASAP to my psychiatrist, and he would adjust my meds and I’d be fine!!! You’re quality of life can improve so much with medication and healthy habits like good sleep. ( I have to take meds to help me sleep all the time now, but it’s helped TONS! ) I hope you find peaceful ground on your journey very soon, please don’t give up and lose hope :heart:

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