|\\\\| e(Y)e Want to Reintroduce Myself |///|

Hello , My name is Corey and e(Y)e Love Music .

If You Have Any Questions , Please Feel Free to Ask Away … ,

e(Y)e Have Been Diagnosed With Paranoid Schizophrenia In 2006 , Then it Got Switched to Schizoaffective , Then it Got Switched Back …

N e Hoo ,

e(Y)e hear Two Voices , Sometimes Three , They Sometimes Tell Me e(Y)e Should Do Thus ( OR ) That , It’s Nvr Anything Violent , Against Myself ( OR ) N e One Else , but Sometimes It Can Be Annoying … ,

For Mentionables ,

e(Y)e No Longer have Tha Midnite Hours of Self Reflection of My Lost Daise … ,

Oddly Enough e(Y)e Would Be Nervose About Tha One On Tha Way and Wouldn’t Even Get Any Sleep … ,

and With Voices , e(Y)e Sleep Pretty Good , Evn Tho My Hours Are Twisted … ,

e(Y)e Lyke to Sleep During Tha Day … ,

e(Y)e Feel Safer , " HE COMES LIKE A THEIF IN THE NIGHT " … ,

Ok So , I Have Two Ta Three Voices … ,

e(Y)e Sometimes Feel tha Whole World Hates Me and No Matter What e(Y)e Say ( OR ) Do , Makes No Difference … , Evn My Doctor While e(Y)e Was Suffering From Haldol Nonsense , She Looked At Me Lyke e(Y)e Was a Murderer ( OR ) Something , Then Typed Something on Her Computer … ,

It made me Feel Slightly Uneasy … ,

Jus Slightly … ,

Ok Thaz All Imma Type Rite Now … ,

Gonna Trie and Hold out Some Patience and Sit Around and Wait For Some Replies …

N e Hoo (Part 3) ,

Who Knew e(Y)e Would Actually Get Down to " N E HOO " Making Sections and Shuzz … ,

Strange , Strange World We Live in … ,

Before e(Y)e Eat Some Noodle Soup and Shazzle , e(Y)e Would Lyke To Tell You That e(Y)e ALSO Have Tactiles … ,

Yes ,

Very ,

Very Annoying ,

Especially When You Are Trying To Catch Up on Some ZZZ’s … ,

Back To Tha Section Side Note ,

( Part 3 ) ,

Please ,

Enjoi Your Stay Here … ,

: )

Your Company is Appreciated … ,

aYlias e(Y)e Miss You … … …

Lissen e(Y)e’m Soz Guys n Gals … ,

e(Y)e Get Severely Paranoid n Shizz , So Please , Accept My Electronic Official Etching Apology … ,

My Thots Go Down Tha Drain Sometimes and It takes Some Tyme to Get Back to “normal” , WHATEVER THE HELL THAT IS … ,

So Please Continue ,

To Our Regularly Scheduled Program (!!!)

Hi Corey nice to meet you again. Sucks this illness right?

I get your paranoia, you’re not alone in that. Sometimes I get a little paranoid myself I just don’t talk about it wait for it to pass.

Jus Between You and e(Y)e ,

e(Y)e HATE My Nayme … ,

but You Are Tha Thread Champion … (!!!) … ,

As During Those Hours of Thee Apokolypse , As e(Y)e Was Engulfed Within Dancing Flames of Painful Desire … ,

YOU Stepped Forward and Lifted Your Arms to tha Sky and ALLOWED Tha Rain to Fall , To Give Rest to My Weary Flesh … ,

So Tha NexXxt T(Y)me It Rains … ,

e(Y)e Will Be Thinking of You … ,

YOU Minnii … ,

Onli You .

I think that Corey is a great name. Never heard of that name before.

You pdoc doesn’t seem that great though.

Whatcha Mean Beautiful One (???)

Corey is a cool name, mines boring.

This. Your pdoc doesn’t seem cool at all.

Yep Yep ,

and Naught Onli THAT ,

but e(Y)e Fear Needles and They Are Aware of Such … ,

and For About a Year e(Y)e Had to Feel Tha Needle Squirm Into My Flesh Behind a Curtain Without ANY Way to Escape Tha Memory pain of Animals in Scientific Cages and Memories of Hitler Torture Camps … ,


but All is Well Now … ,

Except For Thee Intense Fear of Seeing Someone Who Can Legally Force Me to Go Throo That Nitemare Again , This T(Y)me For Even Longer … ,

but After Three Letters to Tha Current President , There Has Been a Change in That Needle Process … ,


Yeah, I heard he is all about a change :smile:

Check Thus Out … ,

Tha Nite He Got Elected , Everyone Was Watching Tha Two Large 24/7 News Channels , and As He Walked On Tha Stage to Do a Cool Ass Speech , They Showed a Slightly Older African American Woman Who Was Trying to Hold Back Tha Tears as They Dropped Quietly and It Was as If Tha Universe Shifted Into Thee Exact Space Within a Memorable Moment of Freedom and Togetherness , e(Y)e Was Brilliantly Amazed and Thankful All At Once … ,

It Was a Great Nite …

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Yeah and he and Michelle were serving food for a homeless people and veterans on a Thanksgiving day.
I think that is so cool and beautiful.

(by) (tha) (way) ,

Before You Roll Out ,

e(Y)e Was Wondering if You Wanted to Watch a Movie Wit Me , It’s Called A SCANNER DARKLY and Perhaps Drink Some Tanqueray Also (???) ,

No Obligations ,

Jus Chill , Relax and Do Nothing For a Couple Hours … ,

Whatcha Saye Yo Yo (???)

I have no idea how you figured out we could that :smile:
Like, there is a virtual cinema or something?

Well ,

e(Y)e Dunno How e(Y)e Can Saye Thus but ,

Im Getting Sick of America … ,

So e(Y)e Plan On Moving Into Another Country … ,

But e(Y)e Jus Don’t Know Where … ,

Hmm ,

Do You Have ANY Idea On Where e(Y)e Can Move To (???)

Looking For a Roomie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, but I know where you shouldn’t come to.
Except for a nice vaccation and sight seeing tour…stay away from Eastern Europe, man.

Anyway…I would like to watch that movie with you. It gotta have a Croatian subtitles of course.

I hope you’ll find your perfect roommate Corey, you deserve that.