Dyspraxia and Video Games - Access-Ability

I find this topic makes me really angry.
Imagine asking that music be made simpler so those with poor hearing can follow along better.
Or films to use simpler direction and framing so that people with poor vision can clearly see whats happening on screen.

Im probably just above average as a gamer. Never been “pro” at anything.
But skill is important in many video games. And yes those with disabilities won’t be able to compete. But there are plenty of other games that don’t need lightning reflexes - so play those. The idea that “oh this game is too difficult for me - therefore it should be made differently” is intellectually insulting.

If this subject makes you really angry,then it seems to me you have major problems. Disagree-fine. Really angry-not so fine.

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As I explained previously - I don’t see how its fair that a minority of players demand that developers tailor games to them. Especially when what often makes them interesting to the players who do enjoy them is the high skill ceiling to begin with.

There’s really no need to be so judgemental in your response. I’m allowed to feel emotions when its something I feel passionate about. You’d do better to allow other people to exercise their right to express themselves without hassling them for it. Or maybe put in your thread next time “only post emotions I consider valid please”

If you’re not very good at gaming you play at an easier setting or play an easier game altogether, seems fine in solo-gaming to me. Clearly the whole thing changes if you apply different standards to different players in a competitive setting. Then you just might give everyone a medal straight away and skip the pretend-match entirely.

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