Dying is gross exept when

…they are two people…man and a woman…inlove…dying together…so beautiful.

There are a lot of different kinds of death, and some of them are gross, but not all. Some people die painlessly in their sleep. Some people die of cancer. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.


I had an ex fiancee kill herself just about three months ago. when I was with her she asked me if we could do it together…shortly after I left her…I carry terrible gulit because in her last days she reached out to me and I tried talking her out of the suicide but she did it anyways…before she revealed to me that she was suicidal she asked me to come out to her…I am in love here with Angie, so I didn’t go. I wonder if she would’ve tried to take me with her had I gone out there…? who knows…she’s gone…death is not beautiful. dying together is horrible if you mean suicide.

That reminds me of romeo n juliet

Sorry for you loss. I belive in life after death.

Suicide is not an option.


There is nothing romantic about suicide.
I’m sorry to burst your bubble @anon62371846.

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I was going with dying of old age together. Just where my mind is at.

There is no honor or beauty in death.

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