Dxm trip , negative symtomps

I AM 24 almoast diagnosed schizotypal ,I don’t hear voices or hallucinate like big part of this community but i do have paranoya about making conversations with other people and i feel empty like i can’t comunicate with other people on emotional level.
So yeterday i tooj 350 mg of DXM after 3 years breake .
The trip was awful i was scared ,psychotic and even more empty than usually,thinking non stop about my dad wondering if he spies on me or talks about me behind my back with my friends .But after 6/7 hours it stopped,i was slowly getting my mind back and i noticed something strange but in positive way.I went on this forum , I started to read some story,normally i read but i don’t care but this time was diffrent I felt intrest in this story i felt bad for a mother who were scared about her son.Than later i took my dog for a walk cuz i sensed in him that he is bored and unhappy and my mom took him probably on to short walk before me.This walk was diffrent than usually to ,my dog for first time since i got him actually listened to me when i talked to him , in this hour i know he was the happiest dog ever.Also I weren’t paranoyed that he will run to someone’s dog and i will have to talk with somebody .Than after hour of walking i took him to house and i cleaned him cuz he stinked.It was fun to , I wanted to make video of this bath , i took phone and I started recording this.I wanted to
show my parents this bath but after 10 sec of recording i felt this in my chest,like combination of fear and shame ,after that i knew i am slowly going back to "empty me " again.
Also all day today i feel like i can read ppl emotion easier , i can sensed them when i look on their faces .
I know it isn’t a cure but this few hours for me are worth more than last 8 years of my life .I know that i miss the most of the feeling of good anger,not the fake anger that i usually do feel to show how bad ass i ’ am wchich i 'am really not,a good anger who come from worring about other people.
I will continue to use dxm from time to time just to feel smth on afterglow again.
I know that real medicine that will help us is somewhere or already is but Big Pharma won’t let us get healed.Antipsychotics are ■■■■ and you all know it.

Geez don’t do disassociatives …they’re all bad

Any drug you can buy in a drug store without a prescription has no recreational value IMO. Especially shitty ass robotripping

What a horror. Nightmare.

Antipsychotics help if u find the right one.


Lol why…its too easy to get something fun why would you ever robotrip…if you got sz robotripping is not your friend…

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Yeah geez I’d rather do ketamine than robotrip

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Id rather be sober and talking ■■■■ to the devil as i do…than chug ■■■■■■■ cough syrup … Thats a desperation high maybe time to pause and think about life for a bit…

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I did it once and everything was all…dissassocitiated and ■■■■. It wasn’t fun. I really thought about myself in a negative light. There was no euphoria just distortion of reality and negative thinking.

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Yea my dad likes to robotrip so i tried it once…it was terrible…i told him he needs help…that ■■■■ is dumb makes you feel derpie as ■■■■…

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I guess you both didn’t understand what I tried to explain to you so i will make it simple.
The actuall trip was a nightmare ,the afterglow that came after trip brought me back emotions that I didn’t feel for a years.I was calmer ,happier and more motivated than ever .
I think glutamate plays a role in that but i am not a doctor or a specialist so i don’t know for sure.

I agree I was very depressed at the time I took it and I felt better for a couple days after, but. Do u really wanna relive that nightmare of the trip itself to feel the afterglow again?. You’re 24 I think you said, robotripping is very juvenile. I’m no saint either but I stay away from dxm.

If I wanna feel good I go for different psychedelics or something. That said my antipsychotics and sobriety is my best option.

Oh no we understand…you dont have to talk slower…were not hating on you just the poor choice in self medication…go to your local truck stop or head shop and buy some sleep walkers…i dont usually support designer drugs but this fuels my fire pretty good ive built no tolerance for it…i dont withdraw off it… It also helps produce melatonin so i sleep at night…try that ■■■■…

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Im 28 i tried dxm cough syrup trip 2015 winter.
Got me so sick an disoriented. There were battles going on in my head. Then I felt like I was getting sick so I went to the bathroom. I didn’t want my roommate to hear me so I turned on the shower. I started sweating soooooooo much .
I couldn’t figure out why until I realised I had turned on the hot water and steamed up the whole room!

I was laughing pretty hard after that.

Don’t do drugs . Drugs are dumb especially getting high off cough syrup.

On that note been sober almost 7 months now :blush: