Dutchman, 69, applies to legally reduce age by 20 years to find more women on tinder



Of all the transphobic bullshit I’ve seen…

Gosh, this pisses me off. It’s like the people who say “now that gays can marry, what’s next? Bestiality?” Talk about fundamentally missing the point and furthering negative stigma against marginalized classes!


I wanna be 5 and start kindergarten again and dominate all the little kids in dodgeball.

Like billy Madison


What a repulsive guy.


This guy is a notorious positive thinking guru in the Netherlands, who is mainly known for doing and shouting weird stuff to attract attention to himself. Afaik, I don’t really follow the media a lot.


People pay for him to speak to them. He’s a motivational speaker. I’d pay for him to not speak to me.


Yes, and rightly so. I wouldn’t want to be near him either.

The guy seems to be a major narcissistic ■■■■■■■. He says horrible stuff about women and gay people in the media. He is convicted for abusing his ex-wife and can’t see a few of his children anymore unsupervised (he has 7 with 3 women). He caused uproar for his request for a surrogate to father more children alone at his age. And then I’m just randomly typing some recent newsfacts.


Don’t ■■■■ my news feed with this ■■■■


I herd this on the radio today lol


I actually wouldn’t mind being 20 again!!!



This is all over Facebook.

People have been lying about their age for years. This is just a publicity stunt.

You can’t make yourself younger but if you could I would be up for it too. I liked 35 the best. That’s about as far back as I would go.


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