During psychosis did birds communicate with you

It was all tied up with my delusions. ASIO ( Aussie version of the CIA ) were using birds to spy on me. I really thought they had transmitters and cameras on them. Didn’t help that it was spring and there were birds absolutely everywhere…Funny how delusions are.

Nope, not during psychosis. I can tell you that today there was a hacked-off bluejay on my back patio wanting to know why I hadn’t put more peanuts out. He communicates well. And loudly.

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Yes. I believed pigeons were my messengers that I used to communicate with people. All the birds had their Specific responsibilities

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I also communicated with the birds… I could make such high pitched bird calls. I don’t know how I did it. I tried making the bird call again after my episode, I couldn’t do it. Psychosis is so strange…

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Yea I thought they were against me
Rabbits were more friendly
Trees in tune with the world
And flies spelling out words in flight

I was convinced a few years back that my voices (thought they were real people doing it) were controlling the birds to speak to me. And I got angry because I was sure it would hurt their vocal cords lol

Anything can talk to me on occassion.

İ used to have delusion in australia about cats are communicating with me was so real.

A lot of animals have symbolism for me. But I think it’s more of a spiritual thing than a delusional thing

I used to talk to trees and they replied back when I was psychotic or on low doses meds.

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What would the trees say


I get catatonia without meds or on non working meds. I would fix my eyes on a tree for like 15 min like catatonia. They would tell me things about my friends/family and things like that if I didn’t do what they ask me or listen to them I would lose my friend and get punished something bad will happen etc That even happened when I was on antipsychotic Latuda 80 mg. Latuda was too weak for me. I don’t have that now on Risperdal 4mg.

Some stuff about being in tune

The cat is communicating with me again. She wants more wet food. Furry bandit.

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