During psychosis did birds communicate with you

Is this a common experience during psychosis? .What did the birds teach you?

I was having a smoke break on a picnic table outside during one Hospital stay.

A murder of crows circled over my head. I thought they were remote controlled and sent by a Radio Station that I felt was taunting me.

Birds? No. But I do hallucinate rabbits in my back yard. They can sometimes give me connections and messages.

The birds give me messages on things to come. Bunnies do too

Gods talked to me but not animals. Gods told me to kill myself bcz I am one of them, a God.

My psychosis was too grandiose, I nearly killed myself twice thinking I am God and that I need to prove that I won’t die.

I was grandiose for years.
Thought I could communicate with crows.

Also thought I was a god with special powers to communicate with the dead and to heal others.

Then they placed me on an AP and my delusions disappeared.


I did listen to the seagulls who were being used as a mass surveillance of human consciousness by sources unknown. Everywhere they’re watching

When I used to cycle to work, the birds used to speak maybe to each other maybe to me. I can’t remember. It makes me feel strong emotions thinking back to that time.

i didn’t know bird related psychosis was so common

I was laying in my bed thinking like I did most of the time while delusional and I heard a pristine chirp from a bird that sounded for about six seconds very loudly a few times…I thought this was the sound I heard when guns went off shot by the holy army against the final battle of armageddon…yes I was very sick.

I thought they were disguised drones with cameras watching me.

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In the hospital I thought the number of magpies outside was determining my fate. Had a big problem with this tbh

No birds. But I do believe that beggars on the streets are talking ■■■■ about me and are cursing me if I don’t give them money…

Reminds me of this lol!



One of the first time my symptoms of schizophrenia started I was outside and the birds above were shouting to me “YOU’RE DEAD!” over and over. It was mixed with the squawks they made.

Yes I had a sixth sense with nature, birds, trees, I was wandering down a street and a cat followed me for a while. My delusion was that ra was changing forms and communicating with me and guiding me, the cat experience did not help but was wholesome looking back.

I thought that I was related to Ra when I was delusional.
Son of Ra.

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I wish…

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I heard birds chirping as a baby crying when I was psychotic

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