Dumpster living

I was pretty impressed with dumpster pools…

this is how I dumpster dive

Now I see there are Dumpster homes…

It’s pretty impressive what people can think to do with a simple dumpster… I love looking at odd building material… like the box car homes and the WOW factor of the Silo homes…

This is 5 silos

mushed together to make this home… and the site said it was under 36K to build… (36K is about the price of a mid range car)

This is what I’ve been amusing myself with lately…


Nice, that last one looks like a castle.

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5 grain silo’s… fake brick façade.

Solar panels in the roofing… septic system. Almost off the grid.

I really think people can go off the grid in style .

As more people keep getting pumped out there are going to be a lot of changes regarding how much space one is going to expect to have. Just because property prices are almost out of reach already for a lot of people and having more people is only going to make the prices higher.

Reminds me of those japanese hotels that are more like a morgue where you sleep in an uncovered drawer more or less.

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Pretty sweet, probably took a lot of work to set up.

Reminds me of at least one scifi story.


I’ve been looking at the boxcar homes… there are some that are very nice inside.
and portable… so put it on a truck and move it… also… boxcar homes don’t need building permits…

I have a friend who’s been talking boxcar home on a barge… (no property tax either) solar panels… holding tanks for water and waste… marinas usually have pump services… Wireless internet… could be a reality.

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Dude that’d be insane. Might be the first kind of floating city. Travel boats are pretty much cities, but those aren’t long term.

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That sort of scars me… it does remind me of MRI units… or kennels…

man is the ultimate animal.

I think they are super cheap to stay in. You can exit at any time you want. I didn’t really get that vibe but I do now.

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LTE signals are pretty strong. I know some phones have the hardware to work as hotspots. Android devices are great for hooking up displays and peripherals. It’d be pretty possible.

Those boats are huge too. There would be plenty of room for a very large garden to sustain the residents.

A portion of the boat could be reserved for shipping as well, allow money of some kind to be made.

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My friend says as sea levels rise… he’s going to be ready for “Water World”

I don’t want to go that far off the charts… but a boxcar on a barge… done well… with style… could be a viable option. Seattle is putting a lot of restrictions on new floating home construction… moorage fees in Seattle are getting a bit silly… everyone wants the biggest floating home possible…

Small home… small slip… less money… still no property tax… (that’s why Seattle HATES the floating homes… they can’t collect property tax… when the City founded… the old floating fisherman homes were never deemed as tangible property… so old city law’s can’t tax it.)

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Hydroponic and “small soil” wall gardens for veggies…

It blows me away how much gardening is going to change too…

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Yeah man the off the grid push. Society doesn’t like that. I used spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to do it. I’d love it if I could make that my job. I’d have to learn a lot but I think it’s a trend that needs to be encouraged.

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Yeah Vertical gardens. Had forgotten about that. There would be PLENTY of space.

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Hah, you could set up one of the shipping container homes and try to find a barge that will let you stay on there… or your buddy could just try to get a job on one of those boats. It’s probably pretty good pay.

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That would be a way to travel… instead of Motorhomes… container ship homes… that would be a floating city…

I know houseboats are also getting silly in price… I know a house boat would be an easier option…

The ones I’ve been in are ridiculous in slightly rough water. Made for lakes… not seas.

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Hmmm I wonder what the legalities and costs are for making one of these homes that could go from boat to train to semi trailer. Then you could just pay to be shipped around everywhere. Like for a year or so. There is probably a lot of red tape against that kind of stuff. Immigration laws and what not. Probably would still be free from property tax though.

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Yeah I did envision that boat borne garden getting pretty messed up in high winds and storms. Perhaps a greenhouse set up.

This is in the vein of what were discussing. Several companies have made the rounds of the internet for homes similar to these.

They are pretty well designed and fully functional. Still on the grid though.

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