Dumb Moments!

So had one of those the other day.

My morning effexor is stamped with the days so you can’t miss and I live a life of endless routine because it works well for me…But somehow this dumb ass missed my morning dose. It’s a simple routine and somehow I got it wrong…

Anyways. Late night I’m struggling to sleep with horrible insomnia and an hour later it dawns on me…ahh. missed the effexor. Went and took it then which I really shouldn’t but had a night of little sleep and strange dreams…

Like doh moments are so common now and I don’t know if It’s because I’m over 50 or its the MI?? Anyone else do dumb things?


I do dumb things all the time usually saying something stupid


It doesn’t have to be pathology, Rogue.

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How long have you been on your routine for? If it’s newer to you or you’ve had a disruption in it, that could be the cause. Just a thought.

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