Dud olanzapine pills I got

The pharmacy is giving me less effective/dud olanzapine’s on purpose because they are ■■■■■■■ against me.

They claim it’s a new “manufacturer” of generic but it’s really a placebo because they want to ■■■■ with me. They’re after me to ruin my life. You should have seen how they treated me when I went there last time I needed a refill. So awful and strange.

I can’t tell this to my husband he’ll blow up at me and accuse me of ranting about this only to get him riled up which couldn’t be further from the truth! I love my husband and would never do anything like that to him on purpose!

I have no one else I can talk to. I can’t talk to my husband and I have no close friends or close family members.

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It’s a delusion.

I got a new generic of olanzapine pills. They work just as good as the regular ones. Nobody is messing with your meds. Take them as prescribed.

I have been taking generic Olanzapine for more than two years. It works well. Hope you get along with generic Olanzapine soon.

I get new/different generics of my pills every so often when they change manufacturers. It happens, but they aren’t placebos. Please follow the advice @Speedy gave and take them as prescribed. Feel better soon.

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Well, it’s not unheard of that there are differences between different brands, but certainly they aren’t placebo.

I mean think about it. If it really was a conspiracy why would they give you a new brand instead of just changing ingredients in the old one.

I have to use original zyprexa to function well, but that doesen’t mean generics are a conspiracy. But if you feel off on a certain brand you could always ask either the pharmacy or your doctor about options.

I didnt think there was ever any difference between brand names and generic? Its exactly the same drug. How could they be different?

My experience is they are not exactly the same. They are supposed to have the same active ingredient, but they can have different supportive ingredients.

This kind of thinking is dangerous because it can lead you astray, but if you feel uncomfortable with the med’s you’re taking be assertive, not aggressive, and ask your pdoc if they can put you on a new brand of Olanzapine.

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