Drunk and symptomatic

Guess I was asking for it…

These dumb as ■■■■ never thought for themselves telepathic ■■■■.

It really is beautiful that the stupidest people can survive makes everything an outstanding accomplishment.

Find a hobby and devote your time. You’ll learn a lot and go places.

If not just become a cynical ass**** like me.

The ultimate beta. Good at everything but excels at nothing.

You ability to criticize will make you feel good.

Everything sucks.

It’s that easy.

I’m in a bad state. It’s all the alcohol… Lesson learned.

Tomorrow I will strike back and know non of this is real…

Holy ■■■■ people if you could step into my life you would see the ■■■■■■■■.

It’s just my mind…

I’m never drinking again.(I mean it)