Drunk and depressed

First let me say, I never drink, but, tonight I have, a lot. I have to get a job so that we can buy a house… I haven’t worked in six years. I don’t even know how to go about it. I am nervous. I want to cry, but, if I work hard enough, we will own our first house on 5 acres, beautiful property. If I can’t find a job, we are facing foreclosure, before we even get started. If we can rent the other house on the property, we will be fine, but, so far no one has bit. The house closes on the 30th of July. I am so fatigued.

■■■■ it, no one cares. Middle class problems, what the hell do I have to whine about.

More alcohol!!!

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i saw your photos’ of your family…you have a cute family.
i think you are a brave and dynamic person. :deciduous_tree:
hang in there…things will work out for you. :smiley:
i am sending as much good energy as i can muster :heart:
take care :alien:


You can find quick work through temp agencies, it’s what I do, and usually easy work.


Good pay? I need at least 300 a week.

Thank you @darksith. I needed that.

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Whoa no more booze it doesn’t mix with meds and is a depressant. Stop that.

My mom found a job, even my sister did too, and my sister is not as highly functioning as I am. You’ll be fine, you are underestimating yourself. And don’t think too hard when you’re drunk, the drunkeness has kicked in, so just relax and hydrate so you don’t get a hangover.

And really, don’t make convictions while you’ve been drinking. I know that from binge drinking for a year as a younger person in my past. Ok it was three years ago but hey I’ve come a long way.


remember i care and we all care on here…you are not alone :heart:
take care :alien:


well, if you can get temp to hire, you might start out low, but then get on with the company making more. Things that are in demand are hotel/housekeeping, hotel banquets, recycling centers and garbage collection, among others.


Water it is. Thank you.

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I aim to please

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Sorry for busting your balls so much. I only do it because you remind me so much of my best friend from high school. I miss him. He was an ■■■■■■■ of the best sort. @mortimermouse

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I Am Pretty Unable To Guve Gud Advice ,

But Here Goes ,


OK Enough Of That ,

N E Hoo ,

2.) Count Em Two Choices ,

Work Several Low Paying Easy To Grab Jobs ,

But Your Hours Will Kill You Metaphorically ,

OR Perhaps ,

Grab A Career Type Job Thing - A - Ma - Jingy ,

I Am Assuming If You Use Google It May Be Able To Help You Locate A Higher Paying Job Close To You … ,

Maybe ,

I Am Unsure ,

and Lashed Bud Nvr Leashed Try Thus ,

Go To Tha WHITEHOUSE Webbie Syte Cause Tha Last T(Y)me I Checked They Had Some Jobs Available ,

I Am Assuming That If You Let Em Know Your Background and Financial Worry ,

They Will be Able To Work Witcha ,

I Dunno Fo Sho Tho ,

Ne Hoo (Part 2) ,

Don’t Guve UpP (!!!) ,

and ALSO ,



Sorry, I am enjoying ammaretto.

S’all Gud ,

After My Coma Fun Trip Ryde Into Outerspace I Can’t Even Drink Beer N E Mo ,

Dammit Now I’m Depressed -----------> (sad face)

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Ok…why…you’ll sleep well tonight

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I have the hiccups.

Did You Guys Know That Hiccups Spiritually Mean That You Will have Nothing But Great Good Awesome Luck For Tha Next 100 Years ,

Did Joo Guys and Gals Know That (?)

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I’ll take that luck, thank you!