Drugs to minors

which of you took psycopastes drugs as a minor?
which ones and at what age and what do you think about this?

I believe that 99.99% of the time it is excessive and that the side effects on a developing boy - child can be redundant and dangerous.

I am curious to know what is your experience and thought is and if you have used it at that age and how did it go.

I’m not sure what psychopastes are?

If you’re talking about psychoactive ingredient drugs in general (most street drugs are , I think)

Then I used a few but not growing up.

I had only first used it at 20 and then more often later.

25 now; and do not use anything.

I do use modafinil (a stimulant) and I do smoke cigarettes (nicotine being the stimulant) but otherwise I do not even drink.

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no no, I mean psychotropics like risperdal for ap and zoloft, xanax for others type

I was at 17 if that counts?

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I took antidepressants as a teenager but nothing else

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yes you could tell me how did it go

I was in a youth offenders institute because I was psychotic in court, and I insulted the judge and that did not go well.

When I arrived I quickly got sent to another location to a hospital ward, and they gave me rispidone which at first I refused as I thought it was a mind control experiment in a re-education camp.

I was very ill, and this treatment did nothing to help as I was completely gone.

Got released the day before my 18th birthday on appeal, I was there for a month.

Within weeks I was in a community hospital and I ended up on Olanzapine for two years.

I have been back on AP’s now full time for 7 years