Drug rehab isn't going very well

I’m feeling very vulnerable right now. I’m right at 5 months clean and thinking hard about using. Like in the past, I’ve gotten in my mind that I am going to use and the logistics of that are being calculated by me somewhere under the surface and it’s just a matter of the opportunity presenting itself.

I’ve stood in this spot many times with no awareness that I was here. Now I see it. I’m hoping to stop myself. It seems so hard and complicated, but really all I have to do is just not use. Why is that so hard and complicated? Don’t use. Do not use!

My drug rehab therapist thinks I’m in danger of a relapse because I have so much stress coming from all angles. And he thinks I don’t reach out to others for support enough. To top it off last time I was clean it was 5 months when I relapsed.


5 month clean is good keep fighting to stay clean

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Who can you reach out to there?


Hang in there. Don’t give up. Do something that requires attention and gets your mind off using.


Keep going. Reality is the place to be. Just take it one day at a time.