Drug induced psychosis

HELLL YEAH @keekoonla

I don’t know how to stay clean though I had a minute relapse & IDK I feel like if I stop using I can move through the psychosis well I don’t have the delusions anymore &I they were 100% drug fuelled because I would do an :8ball: of drugs everyday but I stopped In October addiction is so multi faceted that way but I did an :8ball: everyday for a few years &I have extreme cravings still 6 months after being clean even though the psychosis is nearly gone it will come back if I relapse which I started to on the weekend only 1 line but I am hear talking it out

Instead of actually relapsing I’m trying to find ppl who have experience the same symptoms I get when I use

meh I might have got a contact high yesterday… so it goes…

just learn to love being sober… find things you enjoy that help you grow…

I was spinning fire poi like the native Hawaiians! I am clean for the first time since grade 6 so idk what to do! ITS REALLY WEIRD

I like it I will time to find a wife now, I spent all my time getting high on different stuff in a barn before 24/7