Drug induced psychosis

I have been diagnosed with drug induced psychosis I have heard of people getting better & not getting help to stop medication after, what can I do to make sure I don’t relapse / not get patholigized

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You can join a Narcotics Anonymous (or Alcoholics Anonymous if you’re a drinker) and follow the rules to recovery. You can comply with your Psychiatrist and work with them to better your treatment. Things aren’t perfect in the system but we work at it to make it better.


I have no idea. This is a schizophrenia forum. I don’t know what to say about your condition.

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I was thinking about that, I was extremely hooked on blow I only did one line since October 2015 & the psychosis immediately came back for 3 days I am also a light drinker IDK how I feel about AA though because I’ve never drank myself crazy I have medicated myself crazy though multiple times Narcotics anon really? but I’m paranoid of police usually to so IDK about NA

It mimics schizophrenia

It understand it can be a paranoiaing event, but I just don’t see that happening.

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I will never be able to use certain substances or it will come right back & mirror schizophrenia for a few days or weeks &a I will get word salad and other symptoms

It’s a substance abuse disorder I had cocaine poisoning once now my body immediately reverts back to that if I take stimulants

Apathy Can I just ask my nurse for NA I don’t see a doctor anymore because our mental health system is shitty in my area

I don’t know really. It couldn’t hurt to try. I’ve been told that I’ll be switching to nurse care in place of a psychiatrist in 5 years time. The problem is that psychiatrists get paid horribly and the cost for school is huge so nobody wants to do it. Or so my nurse told me.

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I hope you get help in kicking drugs out of your life… I have Sz but I was a heavy user for a while and it took a lot of help and time and work to get cleaned up and sober.

It’s time for the healthy lifestyle… maybe some counseling to get a handle on stress and other triggers

Hope things work out for you… good luck

stop doing drugs?

people who develop psychosis have an inborn predispostion for it…

You gotta accept that you can’t keep up with the normies

My psychiatrist does not get paid horribly. He makes $160 for a 10-15 minutes session. Thank god for medicare.

Is he old and very experienced?

I think he is in his mid 40s. He is the best doctor i have ever had, and I have seen 5 in the past 15 years. He is worth the money.


I always do way more then them, like last weekend I drank 35 beer, but beer doesn’t count because I don’t get sick from it! It’s Canadian beer to do it’s like 6.5%

I’m 100% Irish right so when I drink I get on er but it was first time in months

I am canadian I don’t have to pay my doc :confused: & I was at the camp when I drank 35 beer!

I did I don’t use drugs!

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