Drug induced, how are you doing?

stay away from pot if youre a schizophrenic


Its been almost 3 weeks since I quit… I feel better.

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oh, i so needed to read this thread. been thinking about trying weed again, i miss it so much. i have to be honest though, it’ll probably just be a lot of paranoia and a dopey happy feeling that doesnt make sense in the presence of my hallucinations.

i hate it too. even just the smell of it smells like a desperate kind of smell.

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me too, been paranoid since high school.

my brother smoked a ton of weed, way more than me, and no schizophrenia

I didn’t have schizophrenia until my 30’s. I smoked marijuana a few times as a teenager and in my 20’s. It always made me extremely paranoid, so I didn’t really enjoy it.