Drug cravings

I really want to drink and smoke and drop lots of acid. I cant though because my counselor has my credit card so i cant get money. I just need a drink to forget these pressures. I think i might beg for money from people just to get relief. A sober life for me is no life worth living

Sounds like you’re going through substance withdrawal quite frankly. This believe it or not, is a good thing. Them having your credit card is a good thing. Otherwise you’d be on a self destructive path right now.


It’s not easy… and as @77nick77 just said… not drinking won’t solve all your problems… but it will get rid of one big one.

You just posted a great list of goals…

It takes time to get over the craving… it’s not easy work. Things do get easier without the drinking.

Good luck and I hope this feeling passes for you soon.


It is my understanding that lust makes for loneliness, and my understanding that you are lusting after alcohol and drugs. Been there, and I was so lonely.


As @Jayster suggested in the other thread, maybe consider AA. They might have meetings in your college.