Drowning in resentment

I have achieved a ton… I have someone who loves me to death and treats me like all women want.
I’m not satisfied… I’m never satisfied… greed is controlling me. I wanna be even better than I am and have so much more. But I can’t because of mental illness.

Everytime I have a relapse, I book a ticket back to nowhere to start my life over again. Therapy and psychiatry keeps me from that decision. I went once and came back during psychosis. I just can not risk the life I want because of my mental health and family upbringing. Maybe one day I will go nuts and leave everything behind.

I’m growing old… soon I will start thinking of having a family of my own in my little circle… I have a car, we bought a place, I bought furniture… I have my business… Other than some anxiety and symptoms, my illness is managed well.

How to be content and just settle. why I am like this? do I need more therapy? or am I born a crazy woman?

Just needed to vent.

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Learn to be content with a little or a lot. And enjoy the ride and be thankful

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Maybe just set new goals to work towards?

Or when you’ve achieved a lot it’s ok to rest on your laurels and wait a bit until the next part comes along ?

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I appreciate the little things… I have a very indecisive personality. I’m crazy

I’m similar. That message I just wrote to you is also for me too :smile:

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maybe I should just look into getting pregnant or something. maybe that’s my problem. I should have kids.

if only


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O yea that I can relate.

But when you look back 20 years later you see all these little paths that seems to go nowhere but really that was the path you were supposed to take anyway because you’re just dealing with stupid sz and you really can blame it on that.

And the little nowheres were really connecting the dots to all the paths?

Does that make any sense? Night night,
I think too much.

yeah but sometimes… the right and the wrong are difficult to distinguish when you look far… in 5 years, I do not want any regrets… especially meaningless.

BUT I think kids come out of the love and commitment that 2 people make. So start the love part first and let it grow.

guys don’t want to be pinned down and are afraid of commitment. They want to play around and have no responsibilities.

It’s up to women to teach men civilization. It takes 2 to raise a child. They need both the man part and the woman part ideally.

So the hard part is finding a guy who believes in the same values as you do. Just keep dating until you do and never settle until it’s perfect. That’s when you know it will last forever.


Idk make a wish…every time I wish for something it comes true…works for me.

I wished for proper direction in life on my bday and ever since…I’ve found enlightenment. I’ve been In the same position as you many atimes. Searching for answers, searching for direction. Trying to be content with less, search for more. Then I made a wish and enlightenment came to me. I know what has to be done now, make a wish

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try to content urself…
u know greed and satisfactions are wrong …avoid it…
Read books that raises ur self esteem …
always try to compare to those who have little then u have…
never compare to a person who is rich and have a lot in life…
this might give u boost…:alien::pray:


You need to find what sets you free and do it. There really isn’t any other way past the insatiable feelings. You’re missing something that you need, now go do what you do when you need to square up and recharge and figure it out/figure out how to do it.

Sometimes you have to be brave and take a chance.

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Everybody wants more than they got. Even people who have everything in the world you could possibly imagine, still want more. Like billionaires. It’s a natural human trait. You can still be grateful for what you have but it’s natural to want more at the same time. The trick is to remember that you will simply not get everything you want in life. It’s true for everybody. You’re just like anyone else.


its a living trait

we as evolving creatures are constantly wanting to be bigger, better, faster, stronger, or else we would have never evolved to be humanoids…intelligent creatures with skyscrapers and machines that can go to the moon.

but the buddha teaches the ego is the root of all suffering. greed, want desire is what makes us suffer…because you can never have enough

so if you teach yourself to be stationary and live in the moment, and embrace it too…stop and smell the roses…read a book for leisure not for knowledge and whatnot then you can become content.

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It’s the thrill of the hunt, not the kill, that keeps the excitement alive in life.

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This is golden :smiley: Cheered up my day.

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What up? Matriarchy ftw

I’m a sucker for irony and creativity… more please!

I don’t think she was ironying

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