Dropped my 830 am class

Today was the last day to drop a class for a refund and this class was killing me. I’m not seeking a degree I’m just trying to become a better writer so I took philosophy critical thinking. It was sooo boring and caused me tons of stress having to wake up 7 am to get ready to be bored out of my mind. So now I’m only in creative writing. I don’t know how kids take 5 classes when I can only handle 1. I guess most aren’t mentally ill. So relieved.


Yeah get writing with teaching credentials you can work in community colleges.

I tried an evening course and dropped out after the first few lessons. Cost me £600. My reason being I just couldn’t handle it being in a group of people, i don’t feel the same as before meds.

I wrote this for my assignment today.

The assignment was point of view of something not human. Needs editing and I can add to it but I only had 20 mins to write it

Shoo Fly! Shoo!
Suddenly the door burst open. I could smell the food permeating from the inside of the room. Even though it was just a bunch of crumbs and some cheese on a plate in the sink, it was equivalent to that of a Filet Mignon dinner for those humans, at least for me, the fly. I hesitated for a second for no apparent reason considering I’m not intelligent enough to realize that this could be my doom. My very last hurrah in my short-lived life. Not realizing that the humans have the vast and advanced technology of a fly swatter that could have me splattered against the table, donating my blood and guts to the 5 inch radius of the place I was killed. But no; this was a nice human living inside this home. He didn’t kill flies. He simply let them buzz around the room while he minded his own business probably watching YouTube videos or Netflix. He was an animal lover, even an insect lover at that! It wouldn’t be long until it overheated in here, but there was plenty of food and water for me to munch on. I bet he thinks that I’m stupid because when he opened the door for me I didn’t find my way out, but you should try being a fly with a crumb sized brain. It’s not easy being a fly. It’s absolutely astonishing that I could write this narrative in the first place considering how small I am. My legs, my brain and don’t forget about the anxious wreck I am. Oh yeah I am an anxious mess who constantly feels the urge to fly from one position to another, holding no mercy for human relaxation. I will even fly onto the human of this loving household. He will simply yell “Shoo fly! Shoo!” And kind of brush me off of him, but not harming me much more than if he were to slightly push one of his classmates.
I buzz around some more. I sit on the windowsill and rub my hands together in a mischievous looking fashion. Like I’m up to no good. But that’s just what flies do! We’re not all that mischievous, we just have some strange habits that makes us appear to be that way. What humans don’t understand is that I’m conscious too. I may not actually be as smart enough to write this narrative, and it was a human pretending to be me, but I have a brain and a will to live as well. I don’t want to die, otherwise I wouldn’t be around as a species anymore. If every fly wanted to die, there would be no flies left. But we want to live. We want to eat, drink, have kids, and reproduce. Have you ever thought about it that way? Maybe about a cat or a dog, but probably not about a fly. We are very much in our own head. What language do we think in? Who knows…? Maybe we simply act on impulse, maybe we aren’t entirely conscious after all. Or maybe we’re really smarter than you stupid humans with your sophistication and society! We may not live as long as you do, but life is too long anyways! For a human at least… We flies get to fly around for a couple days before going to fly heaven with an unlimited stash of human leftovers to pick and eat on. Gosh, I can’t wait the 4 hours until I get to go to fly heaven. That said I am an enlightened fly. I live in the moment. There’s no point in living for the future or for the past when that bee gave me a dirty look! I swear he did! Bees are douchebags after all. But they sure are vital. I’m not sure how vital we flies are except to the frogs and other little critters that eat us.
Time went on. I enjoyed my last four hours on here this Earth. I never really fully contemplated the meaning of life the way that some human beings may do so, but I had a damn good time buzzing around and pissing off the human that I occupied his pad. My health slowly began to deteriorate in the hot sun of the household I was occupying. I noticed there was a graveyard of flies laying on the floor. I guess I wasn’t the first dumb fly to fly into the room and not be able to fly out despite the door being left wide open. I was getting tired. More and more tired. I’m not sure but all of a sudden, I was about to die. The human seemed to have no care for my death. He simply yelled “Stupid fly!” about two hours ago before giving up on trying to save my life. And since has continued with his Netflix and YouTube videos in the other room of the apartment. I enjoyed my last moments basking in the sun. The heat felt good on my soft body. I was happy to die though. No I was indifferent. It really didn’t matter to me whether I was dead or alive. Because after all I’m a damn stupid fly! But I’m smarter than you think at the same time. Eventually I lay on my back and withered up as I floated away to fly heaven. And then my rotting carcass was swept up by a vacuum cleaner. It ain’t easy being a fly. But it sure is fun.


Yeah drop that class. Screw it.

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Good stuff :smile:

You’ve got to try to find Matthew Dickman poem “flies” on the Internet. I think you will love it!


Haha that was funny and good and gave me some more inspiration for my editing. Thanks


I can only handle one or two classes a term…

Don’t worry about it…

You’ll go at your own pace and all will be well.

Sometimes towns have a writers guild… or there are writing work shops through the library…

Our library has weekend seminars on writing… there are also writers retreats… (one week sort of thing)

You’ll find your way… good luck :v: