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Hi team… So im halfway done my Music course at college… Then suddenly i get intrusive thoughts saying to drop out and go study Computers…


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Which one do you want to do? If you want to stay in Music, that should be what matters.

music theory is great if you want to write showtunes or a symphony. the simpsons theme and superman theme for example. music theory is based on music like bach, Beethoven and mozart.

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Rash decisions based on positive symptoms generally don’t turn out well.


Having studied music and dealt with the dim career prospects I would say switch if you find you would enjoy computers. There is lots of job security in computers and is what I am currently going to study. As opposed to music, where you really have to work yourself extremely hard for pay that is often under minimum wage. But if you have a burning desire for music and see no other way of enjoying life, then stay with music. Be sure to also take care of your ears, otherwise you end up with tinnitus like myself :stuck_out_tongue: if it is just a course though, you should finish it before changing studies because it could effect your gpa


I have been in a similar position to you before and did stop going to classes. I think that you should try and honor the commitment you made and finish the music class. I regret not following through with the classes that i started and regretted it. I think if you continue with the class and work against that feeling that is telling you to switch you might feel accomplished


before i would learn computers i would make sure i can memorize something difficult like a chinese ideagram.

Actually that thought has been there for awhile now.

The job prospects of a music degree are not as good as a computer science degree. Getting a music degree seems more of a passion project that may never quite pay off, whereas the computer science degree seems like more of a compromise towards practicality, and putting the dream of becoming famous for musical skill on the back burner.

I imagine it’s harder to receive approval in computer science-related jobs than in music degree-related jobs, but then again there’s a great deal of variability in the job types, and you might very well find a public-facing computer job that allows you to feel important.

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