Drones are annoying

Ive had 3 drones watch me
Anyone else find them intrusive?

I never see drones around my house. Sometimes I see people flying them at the park, though. But they don’t bother me.

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I had one hover for a couple of minutes outside my window looking straight at me, i have net curtains so there image might not have been clear but still i find them very paranoia inducing

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I’m sorry it stressed you out. Can you get more private curtains, maybe? Making it harder for people to see inside your home?


I have thick curtains but i need to keep them open for fresh air because i smoke ugh lol i need to quit smoking so much it is the bain of my life

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Ive tried quitting about 50 times in the past
These drones are really invading of privacy though
Theres becoming more of them as more people buy them and they are clever little things!

[ looks at recently purchased photography drone ]

[ nudges it out of sight under couch ]

[ coughs awkwardly ]

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(Coughs loudly)

Sorry just bit a chunk out of your arm! Lol

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You don’t use yours to spy on the neighbours thou right
Like why do they do this?

I can’t even use it in town. It’s illegal to fly it within 1.9 km of the hospital helipad or 5 km of an airport. Between the hospital and the airport the entire town is off-limits. No spying. I just want it for aerial views when doing landscape photography. Only so many creative things you can do at ground level and I want to take it up a notch.


Give them something to look at lol. :flushed:

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@Turtle43 yeah

Im going to smoke in kitchen at night now so i can close curtains
No drones out kitchen window because tall trees in the way


That happened so many times in my country and now this is illegal.

Seen on very close to my house, it flew past and hoovered in front of my face for like 10 minutes. Did not see anyone who was controlling it. Felt like invasion of privacy.

Isn’t it illegal to have drones intruding on your privacy?? Call the cops and ask them. Perhaps they can do something??

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