Driving theory test & counselling & holistic therapy admin role

hi, so its my driving theory test tomorrow morning and i have been trying to study it, only thing is i dont like answering questions all the time lol, i have been trying my best and my pass rate is ok on the apps on my phone i get a pass most of the time but it is always borderline so i am worried that i may not have studied enough and that i might fail,

apart from that tomorrow afternoon i will be getting an induction to my new admin role, i think it will be ok but i will be listening tentatively so i know what i need to do, i enjoy my phone work on monday morning so hopefully this will be more of the same.

anyway thats the update for now lol


Good luck with the driver theory test and the new admin role! You have a lot going on at the moment!


Good luck daydreamer :slight_smile:

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Are you able to do tests without getting agitated cus I can’t it’s really hard I don’t think I can do theory good luck tho

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i passed my test :slight_smile: yayyy

i got a really good score as well :thumbsup:


Waaaaaayyyyyy toooooooo gooooo!!!

Well done @asgoodasitgets

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Congraaaaaaaaats :smile:

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well the admin role went well, i think i managed to pick up what he was trying to explain about the role,

next week i will be learning even more, today was just the counselling admin next week is the more complicated holistic therapy admin role which all entails taking referrals and sending out request forms and logging everything down with follow up phone calls to confirm, its isnt really that hard once you get use to it same as anything,

i wish i was doing the counselling but i’ll stick to admin for now lol