Drinking to make it go away

To make these nasty thoughts stop that are circling in my head. They won’t stop. Sorry to be a downer today. I really wish I wasn’t alone in my apartment right now.


Hope you feel better :disappointed_relieved:

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go to pinterest and write humour. :innocent: always changes my mood.


We have physical and emotional cycles. Maybe these days you are low.

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It’s okay to have bad days, don’t feel discouraged, it changes quickly :slight_smile:

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Drinking won’t help you solve this problem. First, it will make you drunk, then it will make you hung over.

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Alcohol is a depressant. If you’re having racing, bad thoughts perhaps you can take deep breaths and visualize things you like. It’s difficult but does work the more you practice it.

The “drinking” is to drink alcohol? Not a good move. Alcohol is bad for sz patients. You can drink once for very long time, maybe one year.

on the plus side, my roses started blooming today, Memorial Day.

Sometimes we cave in to our vices. So long as it doesn’t become a habit. Otherwise it’s just bad self medication.

Once a year? How do you expect I manage doing that?

Sorry. I exaggerate the period of drinking alcohol. Currently i drink alcohol once every 1-2 month.

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There is nothing wrong with social drinking. I do not drink at all but the occasional beer or glass of wine is not harmful. But, drinking heavy on meds is dangerous.

I am a drunk too. I havent had a drink for going on 10 months. You will get REWARDS for every day sober that you have. Are you a Bob Seger fan ? He has a great song called “Little victories” .Every sober day you get is a little victory. My sober song is by Aerosmith, its called “AMAZING”. I realize that the fourth of July is coming and it may be tough staying sober but think of how GREAT that you will feel on the fith of july !!! Blessed be.

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