Drinking tea improves brain health, study suggests


Ltheanine and other medicinal herb I think…!!


@far_cry0 I am so glad to see you on the board !! are you here and I just haven’t noticed?


Tea is just good for you for numerous reasons. Probably one of the best things you could drink.

juke box I have peptic ulcer too… I am on antibiotics let’s see. Will upate… these days I am busy on facebook and whatapps… if u like to join me just add me otherwise we will be talking here only… Its good to hear from u… stay blessed bro…!,


Hi Farcry hows the peptic ulcer doing has it started healing?

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Lets see bro… h.pylori is hard to treat… will update… crowley have u started working…

I’ve been working for the last two and a half years.

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Damn crowley I wish I could work… !!! damn I have lots of cognitive and negative symptoms…

Did you start taking omega 3 and see if it helps or even fish oil.

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