Drinking question

Is it bad to get drunk once a week? I do it at the end of the week to unwind from how stressful it was. Aside from that I don’t really drink during the week. I may have like a glass of wine or Mike’s hard at dinner once or twice if at all. Is that too much?

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Yes. If your on meds. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


As a general rule, alcohol is a toxin and bad.

But I hate alcohol…

Drinking while on meds is iffy. See if you can find better ways to unwind.

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I’d say it’s better if you can just drink for a mild relaxing buzz at home and not driving once in a while. There’s nothing good about getting drunk. It’s an unhealthy habit that can lead to much worse. If you’re unable to control it, then it’s best to avoid alcohol altogether.

I drink wine with dinner sometimes,

But I know I’m really not supposed to drink at all with the meds and stuff.

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Drinking in excess isnt good overall, but its doubled since you’re on meds that can cause a bad interaction.

Having a few probably wouldnt hurt, but drinking to the point of drunk could be bad.

I guess it also depends on your definition of drunk. To me drunk is having my mom and dad shower me off at 3 in the morning because I threw up all over myself. Before I quit drinking I would get blackout drunk 3 times a week.

Other people’s drunk is getting a buzz.

Just be careful, using alcohol to unwind at the end of a stressful week is a gateway to using alcohol to cope with stress in the middle of the week. Some people dont get that bad, but I did so I just like to warn people.

I dont judge anyone who uses alcohol, I just like to spread awareness of its dangers.

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Tell me about it. I always drank alcoholically. I never had any desire to drink socially. I drank to get drunk. It got me in a LOT of trouble. It’s been two years and seven months since I last drank.


Good job staying sober so long @crimby! That’s great :slight_smile: I was drinking too much before and realized it wasn’t doing me any good so I don’t drink like that anymore. It’s not fun when you can’t get a buzz anymore. That’s how it was for me. I wasn’t willing to drink a ton just to get a buzz so I just stopped all that.

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I don’t have the desire to drink anymore. I used to drink socially but I haven’t had a drink in over ten years. When I first got sick I still drank a little.

I was in the military and they gave me a written order to remove all the alcohol and knives from my house. I never did either one though. My wife is an alcoholic. We always have a case or two of beer lying around.

I think it’s a good sign that you still have that desire. I lost it. I think it means you still have some health left.

I used to party all the time but I am a guy and when I drank I also chased women and got myself in a lot of trouble but I had a good time doing it. Was paranoid about all that a lot earlier in my illness. But I am a good boy now.

Oh gosh no I just drink enough to get silly not sick. I have rarely ever drank to the point of getting sick and when I did it’s when I was not doing well emotionally.

I was that bad at one point like you said though where it became me getting drunk every other day. My boyfriend had like a mini intervention where he pointed out how much I was drinking and that he didnt want it to become an issue so then I limited it to just once a week at the end of the week and I have done really well sticking to that.

As long as you drink within reason I don’t think it’s too bad. Once a week sounds ok to me.

Its probably not the best with meds. But it doesnt sound like alcoholism

You’re studying medicine, so you already know the effects of mixing alcohol and medication. If you’re looking for someone to tell you it’s not a problem, you already know better. You might not notice the effects right away, but it will catch up to you over time.

Also, this site is full of recovering alcoholics, so please be mindful of that with your discussions.

The big question to ask yourself is “do I miss it when I skip a week?” If the answer is yes, then you have a drinking problem. Even if you only drink once a week.

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Well, it doesn’t sound like a huge deal so far. It’s just the specter of it escalating and turning into abuse that’s looming in the background. As you know, schizophrenics are more susceptible to drug or alcohol abuse than “normal” folk. No one sets out to be an alcoholic or a drug addict, alcohol and drugs are just insidious and people often don’t recognize they are crossing the line until it’s too late. It happens to the proverbial soccer mom, it happens to bankers, it happens to airline pilots, it happens to a neighbor or friend, it happens to construction workers etc. and it can just as easily happen to you.


I think it’s not bad to drink a beer from time to time. But only one beer. Not to get drunk. But the best is not to drink alcohol.

I drink sometimes.

Problem is that hangovers are worse on meds.

One or two beers is fine though

It all depends if you can stop at just the one beer. If you cant and its starting to become a priority in your life - i would quit altogether.

I cannot stop at 1 beer - so i have to abstain from it completley.

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