Drinking coffee

Til the wee hours of the morning. Going to tackle the mess in my kitchen. First watch a few episodes of heartland.


You lost me at Heartland, but wishing you luck with restoring order in the kitchen.

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It’s not a show for everyone. My eldest son loves it. The rest hate it. So I watch it at night.

Can’t wait til the next season of orange is the new black is on. July 26th

My biggest problem (aside from the generally poor dialogue) is that I lived on a working farm/ranch for long enough to be very aware of how horses are handled and to work with them myself. It’s mind-blowing how much the writers get wrong.

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Lol I’m clueless about most farming aspects other than when my dad decided to try hog farming. He hated it. Only did it for 3 years.
I kind of liked it lol.

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