Drinking Alcohol

I haven’t drunk anything for three days, my brain feels like coming out of surgery but i can cope fine for some reason i don’t need alcohol as a painkiller, i am not an alcoholic, but why can’t i overcome my tabbaco addiction that easily ?


Because nobody ever had a easy time quitting smoking cold turkey.

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I would like to quit, too. If I can’t make it, I think I will be smoking my whole life. I’m diabetic and my doctor said that I should quit in the future both smoking tobacco and drinking sugar all the time. If I don’t do it then she said I would have complications in the near future because of it.

Every time I think of my schizophrenia, I think that I only have those two pleasures left in life. I get a downer thinking like that. Vaping I did but it is not as comfortable as smoking tobacco.

I need to quit but thoughts of what will be left keep me from quitting, I also am heavilly addicted to it.
I smoke at least more than 40 cigarettes per day. Maybe it has something to do with how I’m thinking of my life. It’s negative and then I say “Okay. I just have this little pleasure 24/7, why not I’m schizophrenic, I can’t work, I have no hobbys left, there is not anything anymore, so I can at least smoke.”

My mother said you have to be sick of it and have a click moment, but I already quit once for three months with medication, it was so boring then that I picked it up again. The realisation of there is nothing you can do day and night all the time was too much for myself.

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I don’t know, i think too, i deserve an easy time. Why should i punish myself i am punished as it is and i got to die of something anyway, why not from smoking. I got bad asthma. I love the kick filling my lungs with smoke and the hit in the brain. When i vape that thing becomes always overheated. I smoke less with tabbaco.

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So we both got a health reason to quit. My grandfather smoked for 40 years and then quit in the hospital, when he first got in for cancer. One doctor took him to let him see what smoking related cancer looked like. So they watched a couple of the patients. My grandfather never picked smoking up again after this.

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I ve seen so many people dying in movies, i am afraid of dying too. My parents were heavy smokers but quit when i was a baby.

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Once I was because of the school holidays in poland, I’ve seen my other grandfather. He became blind because of diabetes, he quit smoking when I was a child, he only became 59. And he lived way healthier than I do.

I sometimes think of dying from smoking, but it’s kind of something I don’t fear that much, maybe someone has to be in the situation.

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An asthma attack is scary for me, cause i just can’t breath. These days i feel it coming and can take action. I take sprays. But somehow i had so many attacks i lost fear. Marijuana is a good calmative. I hope i will be stoned when i die.

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I weaned myself off of cigarettes. I didn’t do it cold Turkey. Let me know if you want me to type out the plan for you


By the way, good job on no alcohol!!!

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I am stopped smoking now for greater than six years.

I’m so happy to be free!

I’m saving money as well.


It’s just that addictive. I quit over 29 years ago, still crave cigarrettes every so often. I’ve had to learn to cope.


I cope easily staying abstinent from alcohol, but tabbaco its not easy. I prepare emotionally to quit i noticed i am crying more easily than i used too. I heard a lot of smokers cry without tabbaco, with my experience i can confirm it. I noticed as well i covered the panic of not smoking with alcohol, i can confirm as well that would have been a path to doom, so i stay abstinence from alcohol these days.

I’m not much of a crier. Never had that problem with booze or cigs or stims when I gave them up. Obsessing over them and fantasizing about how awesome a slip would be, you bet. What has worked best for me is planning ahead so that I have ways of dealing with cravings. Chewing on a plastic straw or stir stick really helped a lot with cig cravings. Keeping your mouth busy is half of the battle.

If you take those unhappy addictions out of you life, you’ll create a void in your life. With what will you fill that hole?


Don’t know, fix it dear henry dear henry?
With what should i fix it marta, dear marta?
With tabbaco dear henry dear henry. I am happy to fill that void with tabbaco, i fill that void since i am 15 years old with smoking. But the government discourage smoking and make it unaffordable with overpriced tabbaco taxes and substitutes like vapers are difficult to get, almost illegal. This is not a free country anymore.

The tax on tobacco is a Regressive Tax. The poor and sick use tobacco.

The product should be banned outright. It has no value to society.

One community/health agency I was unfortunately in contact with gave complimentary cartons of cigarettes to their sz patients because they said it helped suppress their symptoms. So there’s that.

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