Drinking a lot

I drink a lot and I mean all the time. I am constantly drinking and it is not alcohol. I drink diet sodas, water, anything I get my hands on. I am worried about my well being such as my kidneys holding out. Does Schizophrenia have a play in this and does anyone else have this problem too.

Could be an early sign of diabetes.


Gir is right, it could be an early sign of diabetes. Consider getting a blood sugar test. Also, see if the urine is cloudy.


Or sweet-smelling urine could be a diabetes sign too. Ankle swelling, sweet breath, waking up at night to urinate…all signs. Talk to your family doc. It could be totally innocent. Sometimes the meds metabolize differently in each person (note: metabolism as in food and liquid processing and med metabolizing are two different things), and can overwork the kidneys, especially if the medication is excreted renally (by the kidneys).

I had this problem when i was on risperidone, i drank a lot of soda and it caused a kidney infection. I was hospitalized for three days. They kept checking my blood sugar but they said i didn’t have diabetes.

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Ive got the same problem it’s called polydipsia I’ve had it since I was young. The health concerns are hypoglycaemia and hyponatremia. Basically too much fluid diluting the sugar and salt levels in your blood. If you can keep Your volume as low as possible, that’s what the doc recommended for me. Your kidneys should be fine as they can process a litre an hour anymore then that and it starts diluting your blood. Has this just started to happen to you?

I have diabetes and almost died from it. It just seems weird that I have to have something to drink all the time. I was on Risperdal for a while and I think that caused my diabetes. It is the only thing I really do that is unhealthy. I do not know whether to let it go or try and cut down. I have consumed a lot of diet sodas in my lifetime. Is there any way of getting your kidneys checked out to see how they are?

They can check kidney function with a blood test how many litres are you drinking daily?

I am not sure how many liters I am drinking daily. It has to be about 2 or 3 2 liter bottles. I drink a lot of fountain sodas and that is where a lot of my money goes to. I can quit diet sodas for about 2 days, then I do not feel good and I start binge drinking again. My body is addicted to the sodas.

You need to get help to stop that. Drinking too much of anything is not good for your health.


I am constantly feeling the need to drink fluids and have even since I was a kid but I’ve also had schizophrenia since then too. I’ve heard there’s a symptom called polydipsia that can occur in schizophrenia where the patient drinks abnormally large amount of water, as explained by someone to me who was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder that researched mental illness a lot like myself. Though it seems to be described as being restricted to just water intake but I don’t see why it would matter if it’s water or soda or orange juice as long as it’s a liquid.

I know the feeling last time I tried to give up Diet Coke I had heart palpitations and had to neck a can. With regard to your kidney function I drink nearly 10-11 litres daily and mine were OK. Not to p moot e drinking that much as a good idea it’s just a compulsion I need to drink and I’m always thirsty can’t be helped


That’s a fair amount! I would suggest talingk to your doctor about this.


I drink a lot; I pee a lot; what a drag!


Is uncontrollable urge to piss a sign of prediabetes? I notice when I had eaten or binged on sugar every now and then, I have to piss alottt.
I’m not heavy though, im 6 ft 170 pounds