Dressing gown wars


mrs sith wanted to get me a dressing gown, she eventually found me a black batman dressing gown.
it had the batman logo on the back of it, a hoodie attached with bat ears, and yellow belt…
needless to say i walked away…in complete disgust…
i said if she finds me a ’ dark sith ’ one i’ll wear it !?!
i told mrs sith " there can only be one dark master ! ". i refuse to wear an imposters costume…
the search continues in a galaxy far, far away…may the force be with you…
take care


Yeah, robes are nice.

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I thought of you when my sis was going to buy me a huge brown bathrobe with a hood. She held it up and my brother said, “It sort of looks like a Jedi”

Well, you know what I had to do then? I had to burn the store down. :wink:

But instead I just left for coffee.

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Be true to yourself and look up Dark Sith bathrobes on amazon.


i am placing my order for my dark sith bathrobe, now !?!
take care


damn those jedi they are everywhere !
take care