Dress fitting Saturday!

Yay y’all should get pics Saturday! I can’t wait!


Cool! Have fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@anon1517417. Thanks I’m sure i will

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Looking forward to it!

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I hope everything goes just the way you want it! :slight_smile:

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@Rabbit_Farmer. Yay! So am I

@CoCo. I hope so too! This dress is like the dress I’ve wanted since I was FIVE (I have wanted to be married with kids since I was five… Just an fyi)

Take your time, and make a day of it, it will be something special to think back on. I hope you find a dress that fits your tastes and budget haha.

@Ryanana. I already have the dress… This is the fitting… It has to be sized to my body

Sorry I don’t know exactly what the terms for that sort of stuff are so I had thought you were picking the dress out.

I’m a guy so I only know a little general knowledge about what the female side go through on this.

Still I hope you have fun, and get a good fitting dress :slight_smile:

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@Ryanana. I get it! Me too! My mom is gonna be there to help so yay

Congratulations! I know for a woman this is important stepping stone.


@anon10627598. Thanks

Wow! You found your dream dress?! That’s awesome!!!


@CoCo. Yes I did! I know right! Thanks

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