Dreams -sometimes hard to tell if real or not

Especially one where I thought the sun was going to die soon. It was hard to tell if I had dreamt it or if it was real. I was really scared for several days. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a dream or real.

I wonder how others cope with this. How do you reality test?


Not as dramatic as the sun dying but , I dreamt of a particular type of musical instrument. It was so real I looked at the internet to see if I could buy one. I guess if it’s not on the internet it’s not real.

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Well usually it’s a dream if you wake up afterwards lol

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What did it look like and do?

I get deja-vu from dreams a lot so it’s hard for me to tell if its real life or dream. But maybe dreams are real and real life is a dream. Who knows. Who am I to say? But sometimes I get confused too.

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What if dreams are us watching what’s happening to us in alternate realities and dimensions

Yes, I’ve had some spooky dreams.

A particular model of synthesiser that never existed. Sorry it’s a bit duller than an impossible trombone or something. I had same dream for about a year.

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