Dreams question

I have poor dream recall and as far as I can remember don’t see images in my dream.
What are other people’s experiences?

  • good recall, see images
  • good recall, don’t see images
  • poor recall, see images
  • poor recall, don’t see images

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Poor recall, see images for me. I had quite vivid dreams last night for whatever reason and I remember them clearly, but that rarely happens.

I have terrible dream recall. This is a symptom of depression, @firemonkey - you just mentioned on another thread that perhaps you were mildly depressed. Do you feel rested after you sleep?

The best answer I can give to that is -sometimes . The depression one is tricky. I don’t feel immensely sad, tearful or suicidal but I do feel hopeless and rather useless much of the time.
I feel positive emotions much less strongly than negative ones.

That’s similar with me - I think that we can be trained into just getting on with it. I come from a part of the country famous for our practicality and work ethic.

Often, I don’t even think of myself as depressed, but then I’m asked questions like, do you feel hopeful about the future, do you feel confident people will like you, do you have trouble concentrating, do you have trouble getting out of bed, how often do you think about dying, etc. I’m off the charts on every depression inventory.

To me, it doesn’t feel like depression, just reality - I’m lazy and not good at anything and no one likes me, that’s just how it is.


i had a recent dream about my dad and he had been hurt in the dream by a certain person who had twisted my dads arm up his back all the way back down the street to my mums,

next day i found that that certain person had done something to upset my mum and my sister and i, i feel really shitty about this but i don’t want to cause trouble, i feel i should say something but i’m not a great fighter and would probably come off worse,

i really hate this guys guts now as if i couldn’t hate him anymore over the years, i know this sounds bad but i just wish something really bad to happen to him, not very Christian like of me but he isn’t a very Christian like person (not that it matters) he is just horrible.

My dream/nightmare recall tends to be pretty intense, it can take me a little while to shake off the feeling that it was almost real.

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