Dreams of not being sz

Anybody dream they have a life without sz. I mean reminsence on their past how life was so much easier without sz. Even though I’ve been depressed most of my adult hood. It just seems unfair


The things i could do without a tormented mind.

I guess but I’ve come to the realization that it is impossible because of MWT of QM. I mean it’s genetic, right? Your consciousness is unique to you and is based on your unique biology and brain structure among other things. So you would have to be a completely different person, which is impossible. So it’s impossible to not be schizophrenic given you had it since you were a fetus in the womb because that is when scientists think it starts.

I guess I’m saying this because I’ve had past lives or different lives in the same body with schizophrenia pretty much every time and it is similar to quantum immortality.

While events do change slightly, I guess it is possible to delay it if it was drug induced like in my case or if you were a time traveler, you could go to the future where they have a cure or go to a more advanced society with the same year as us.

I believe I’ve been cured a few times in my past lives, but out of millions, I’m pessimistic.

Schizophrenia is complicated and they’re probably suppressing the cure. I don’t remember the cause or the cure. Guessing, I believe it can be as long as 100 years from now. Instead of dreaming, try to improve yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Personally, I’m hoping for better meds like min-101, iti-007, and better treatments.

i do dream abotu that too…but i have to try my best here we here i am…i take a good med combo which helps ease sz positive symptoms…and i do cbt…it helps me somewhat

Yes I sometimes wished this never happened to me. I lost a lot of things I was proud of.
But it is what it is, you have to make the most of your situation. I now have a lot of compassion for people with invisible illnesses.
But yeah I do dream of a me without sz

I have actual dreams at night when I’m asleep where I’m living a life without schizophrenia. They’ve stopped for the moment though…


I believe sz can be cured. I was cured before went in remission for some yrs. Then relapsed, its all about right meds I guess


@Grapes Totally agree been in remission as you call it for 8+ years

Good for you, Thanks for the inspiration, I too hope to get remission as long as you have.

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