Dreams, hopes, values

They must fulfill or life will be miserable. Don’t you think?

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It is only in our hands to do it

Not necessarily because you can change dreams or have multiple. I say your a success if you achieve one dream.

That’s just not how it works man.
You can only focus on so many things

I have heat in my room and good food, soda and an internet connection.

Welcome to the new confortabile

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Oh ok. You can tell by my postings I’m dumb right? It makes no sense right? So I don’t know what smart people are like. I’ve always done multiple things and dreams. Do most people only have one dream?

idk i get home and play cod, that’s when im happy, or maybe forgetting about the day idk

In my experience, happiness comes mostly from having good relationships with other people and being able to feel good about myself. Doing things for other people and feeling like I’m contributing to the world, even in a small way, gives me a great sense of joy. I’m a recovering alcoholic and the greatest joy in my life that I’ve ever had has come from doing things to support other people who are trying to get and stay sober. Goals and achievements are good, but it’s not necessary to have a big, important, successful life to be happy.

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