Dreams and the real world

Do you guys ever wake up from dreaming and go about your day as usual and then realize while youre doing something that you had dreamt about doing it the night before? It happens to me a lot then I get this weird matrix/deja vu feeling that lasts for a while; sometimes I stop what I’m doing and stand there in a daze like wait is this the dream? Am I awake?
Anyone have weird dream stuff they’d be willing to share? :slight_smile:

Not realy the mind is a great wonder it Think out your day and dropss a clue

not really. if u do roughly the same things most days u will dream about doing those things. it’s no biggie, probs just coincidence.

I have deja vu when coming out of depression.

i dream of things that will happen the next day , small things and big events to come, then they happen.
take care

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If I really like something something I will dream about it. I will dream about swimming or planting some of the new seedlings. It does sort of strike me when I’m doing something normal that I dreamed about.

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I dream myself doing things at times.

In the dream i will be doing something and thinking specific things and then react to myself having dreamt the exact same thing in the past even though it hasn’t occurred yet.

And then it happens, everything in the dream happens, including thoughts and feelings and i react to myself having dreamt it in the past.

It’s crazy really, but i can totally see how it’s possible, it’s not like this can go anywhere and do anything at all, anything that is going to happen can be seen before it does i think.

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