Dreams and reality

is there any correlation between dreams and reality?

Keep having nightmares where i argue with my boyfriend, and its just getting a little too real for me, and also about demonata lol.

But is this showing that he’s harbouring ill feelings towards me?

No, but he will if you keep bringing it up when it isn’t true.

Are you sure it isn’t more a wish fullfillment for you?

I haven’t brought it up with him a single time, I’m not that silly.

And urm yes thanks I’m sure.

It might mean that you’re insecure about your relationship with him. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. But be careful. This kind of thing can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

To say the least, I hallucinate him and his family talking about me all the time, can’t even step foot in his house anymore. My offensive brain kept throwing up “*** in not ugly” against my will, and i feel it coming on so i fight hard to correct it otherwsie it would just say “*** is ugly”.

I’ve explained to everyone time and time again in my head that its against my will, just why if everyone couuld hear my thoughts, would i think such horrible things on purpose?! noone would!

And it’s spilled into my dream world last night, where his mum said “i’m going to tell *** what you said, so i said " for one its against my will, two i corrected it before i could even think that” and then my boyfriend called me fake, so i was like what? and he was like you’re just a fake bitch…

So clear to me, he doesn’t believe its against my will.

Woke up crying! :frowning: