Dreams and psychotherapy

Dear everyone,
I have been interested in schizophrenia for a longer time (because close friends of mine are affected, too). Im currently writing a paper on how dreams of people suffering from schizophrenia could be an indicator for recovery in psychotherapy.
It would be great if some of you could just write down some recent dreams.
You would also have to state whether you are doing a psychotherapy or a pharmakotherapy (no further data will be used).
I can’t really offer you anything in return but I could eventually send you results.

thanks in advance:)

Hi @lulu, not sure if you did so already, but it is good practice at this forum to run requests for input towards research-ends through our administrator @szadmin. Some users mind researchers/students studying our experiences, or something like that.

Since I’m not one of those I can tell you that that my latest dream featured two very long, possibly endless,opposing wooden benches with me sitting on it, looking along it’s length. There was a spot in the bench that I was sitting on where it was crooked or broken or something like that. My mom was on the opposing bench, which was intact. Not sure what she was doing there, cause I can’t recall her doing anything, she just was around. We were the only two explicit people in this dream-fragment. Nevertheless, the subject of an ADHD diagnosis came up. But it did not originate from myself, nor from my mother. That is about it.

I am medicated, and never enjoyed any thorough psychotherapy. Also, ADHD has never been an issue in my life, and I have no reasons to suspect it ever will be.

Best of luck with that!