Dreaming that people are better than we are

I complain that Adele is always singing about sad stuff but, hey, that’s who we are. She is so popular now because man is aware that life is not all a bed of flowers. It’s a time to work our way up, to do better.
My New Yeas Resolution is to be kinder to little kids.


Sorrow is one (of the many) things that bonds humans together,
some for what they have been through,
and others for what they put us through.

I can’t agree more that being kind, and always a protector of kids, no matter who own’s them,
is the most important thing to do,
if people want to live in a world worth living in.

It doesn’t take money,
just a bit of your time.

It’s an excellent investment you can’t lose.


There’s a reason movies and television and entertainment of that nature now is about a lot more gritty topics. Because life, as you said, can be downright gritty at times. Kindness can often soothe the sting we all feel because of it.

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People have been singing about sad stuff for a long time and probably will as long as there are people, “history has a way of repeating itself.”

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