Dreaming about my old delusions


So I dreamt I was as alien on Earth. And somebody gave me the oppurtunity to regenerate into another being but I’d have to leave my friends and family behind. This was just a doctor who related dream but then I had thoughts in my dream that the universe is infinite and being on earth is one of infinite experiences we get to try before death. The latter relates to my old delusion that the living as a human is just a simulation I get to try out. When I die I return to a higher dimension as an all knowing alien being. Then I get to choose a new experience like maybe being reborn on earth or perhaps living as a different alien on another planet or even being reborn as something I as a human cannot even comprehend. I’ve dreamt of this delusion a couple of times now and it’s happened since coming off medication. Hopefully these delusions stay as dreams.


I hallucinate my dead dog vividly in my dreams, visual, textile and auditory.


It’s not difficult to realize that you entertain yourself in ways that put watching television to shame.


I don’t know what you mean man, :s


I don’t want to worsen your delusion, but my belief system is similar to that. But there’s also an alternative belief where you, your friends and family get “saved” and live on for eternity in Paradise, so this life experience doesn’t just exist in a vacuum.

Try to enjoy this experience without thinking too hard about what comes after. Medication helps.


Maybe it has something to do with stopping your antipsychotic injection recently.


It’s not actually a current delusion…I dreamt about it but I don’t believe it. But I do think it’s one of my coolest and most interesting delusions.


No idea. But I actually enjoy dreaming this. I hope I dream it again.


I mean the story of your delusions would make a great tv show.


Oh. :sweat_smile: thanks :slight_smile:



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