Dreaming about going off meds

I’m thinking that I am so recovered now and am of such advanced age now (60), that I can probably go off all of my psych meds without incident. I have so many coping skills that I bet those will hold me over. Problem is, I doubt my pdoc will let me try it. He always puts up such a fuss when I mention lowering just one of my meds.

For me it was a disaster being off meds. I was close to commit crimes and kill myself. Even if you’re old, you can still have psychosis. Psychosis can also happens from dementia not only SZ. I just learned that.

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Gina remember all those years of torture and how long it took you to find the right combination. I wouldn’t risk it.


@Air, you do make sense. It just isn’t worth it. Thanks.

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Yeah it’s not worth the risk.
I do understand this kind of thinking however.


I get like this many times. But I just eventually come back to the conclusion that before I was medicated I was very reckless and got in a lot of trouble and ever since I’ve been medicated, I’ve been staying out of trouble.

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I decided to stop taking them after ten long years, after the smurfy backlash I lost up t 4 and a half stone in weight, and got my witts back.

I was so close to committing crimes too but luckily I rescued myself somehow. I heard a voice say “I would never do this to you” while in the act!

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