Dreamed I was riding on a ferry

I found it an interesting dream. The ferry was going to the island part of my city. At the beginning, I found my cousin there and he was talking to some girls. After he talked to me, he went away. I tried to talk to some people, but everybody didn’t stick with a conversation when I answered back. At least I was not feeling alone because I had myself. But the travel on the ferry was still peaceful and gave me good feelings.

After I quit the ferry, I remember I left my t-shirt there and I run to get it back. After I take the t-shirt from the ferry and go back to land, I wake up.

The internet is full of different meanings for this kind of dream. I have the feeling this represents my willing to change and to become a better person, even if relatives go away or if people don’t like me. There was a guy in this dream who talked to me and I can’t remember who he was, but he seemed to be very intelligent and strong.

Edit: there was also a moment when I talked to a little boy on the ferry. He was saying how much he liked the peaceful life in a farm. I’m not sure if this boy represents myself (well, I think he represents myself).

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How is it possible that, during the dream, I can have such peaceful moments? I kind had control of my life. In the real life, I’m worried about my future and I regret my past. But in that ferry, despite all of it, I felt peaceful.

Very good dream.

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sounds like a nice dream :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I really found this a nice dream too :slight_smile:

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