Dreamcatcher scenes

More movie magic for ya.

Several of my symptoms portrayed accurately.

It sucks.

At one point the guy having his mind taken over by mr. grey was even talking to himself as he rode the path on his snow mobile.

Telepathy is involved at times.

Movie magic, gotta love it, not entirely a work of fiction.

What movie are you talking about?

It’s a stephen king book that they made into a movie, kind of a bad movie though.

There was an alien that was grey and of a certain nature. Another alien came to earth as a mentally challenged boy to stop him. As he was there he befriended four dudes and gave them powers.

At one point in the film though there was a possession, the red haired guy had his mind taken over and in one scene he was riding on a snow mobile and talking to himself.

Seriously, my “symptoms” keep showing up in movies such as this.

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I know there are plenty of movies that have scenes that look like the symptoms you have.

And thus your beliefs are validated, because you know movies are an indicator of what happens in real life.

You have it backwards…real life is an indicator of what happens in movies thanks to the Hollywood subliminal mind control conspiracy and the Military industrial entertainment complex Fox Mulder mentioned in X Files…

Joking, kind of. it’s actually true for some people: ‘Hey, lets do this, I saw it on TV!’

However, at least part of it is true, or highly suspected anyways…

Sometimes yes movies can be an indicator of what happens in real life. Thats just the way it is.

Even the simplest things in movies are all dramatized to the point of being unreal.

I wasn’t saying they didn’t dramatize it, but some of that stuff really happens. Alot of it has happened to me.

That happens a lot.
I do think real life often takes on the role of movies and TV though.
Examples would be after all the Lord of the Rings movies came out so many people wanted to be Elves. A few daring souls claimed to be Orcs. After the Twilight movies came out a lot of people wanted to be vampires.

Now I do know there is some truth to the Elf, faerie, ‘alien’ and angel thing because it ties in with history and several religious writings. Lawrence Gardner put a lot of this history together and showed they are all one in the same. But they are a far cry from what movies depict. there is the real aspect of SOME of it recorded in history that is grossly embellished and exaggerated in movies.

For instance there is a real vampire phenomenon, mainly psychic vampires, though a few people actually drink others blood (someone willing to be a doner)…they don’t have fangs, bite necks, fly, get ‘turned’ by being bitten or drinking blood, or any of that fictionalized drama movies show. Yet I saw websites for vampires shortly after twilight movies came out, most of the members were teenagers with a few adults on there and people posting things like “I want to be a vampire, can you turn me?” - “If a vampire bites me will their venom make me one?” …they were taking this stuff seriously. The biting and turning someone into a vampire thing is all fictional stuff from books and movies…

I also noticed you have people believing they are mermaids, werewolves, dragons, and all sort of creatures depicted in movies. I heard someone say it was revealed to them they were an alien from a fictional planet shown in a cartoon. A month later they were a dragon, then later on they were something else. seemed whatever was the popular tv show or movie at the time, they identified with the creatures in those shows.

So I have seen movies have a huge influence on people.

Sometimes it is…the movie “Fire in the Sky” based on Travis Walton alien abduction case is about a real event that was witnessed by several people. The movie however is also over dramatized from what I’ve heard.

When my psychosis began, an invasion of my mind is what it was i see an alien and start looking at the clock at 3 and 333.

Depicted years later on the fourth kind and emily rose.

There was also levitating involved in my “psychosis” which is also depicted in movies like this, even in your “fire in the sky” movie there was levitating.

Delve a little deeper, the people making these movies know ■■■■.