Dream-thoughts of paralysis

More than once I’ve dreamed or thought I was paralyzed, couldn’t move a muscle.

In one dream, I am in my front yard at midnight. I venture into my street and begin striding away from home. Suddenly, paralysis seizes me and I fall. I can only manage to turn northward and shake my fist at and shout at the stars in the clear night sky… Wonder what it means.

Fifteen minutes ago, I had the thought of abruptly being paralyzed where I lay on my couch. A what-if scenario I’d never considered before. My idea was of my soul being stolen, and I being left conscious in my body, but immobilized entirely.

Has anybody else ever experienced such a thing? Thanks.

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I can see one meaning,
“You cant go on lonely anymore, You need to get help from other stars on earth”,

Just an imagination, don’t take it seriously, :gun:

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I like that, thank you. And I do find that folks on this site are damn intelligent.

I’ve been in therapy since last August and now feel as if awake for the first time. State-of-nature. This is it, the natural man.

I wonder if taking Vraylar for two months has contributed?

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