Dream: Political Prisoner

I had a wild dream that Qaddafi held me for ransom. It happened in my own kitchen. He had bombs strapped to his chest. I don’t know why I was important enough to ransom. When he heard the money refused via his smartphone, he put his arm around me and said, “Okay, this is it, son.” “You can’t be serious,” I replied. “Say your last words.” I put him off a bit more; then, “Come on, Qaddafi, have a heart.” He looked at me and drew in a breath. Removing his arm from me, his disabled the bombs. I shuddered, and began to laugh. The word “heart” had done the trick. He said, “You know it’s funny. The concept of the heart being able to think.” We moved to the garage. As he was about to go, he gave me his phone number. An assistant of his met him. She laughed to me, “Cora.” Then they were gone. Something like WWIII had been evaded.


That is a wild dream! Do you find there is meaning in your dreams or do you think it is just a bunch of mental hocus pocus?

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I think I shouldn’t go into it too much here. But there is indeed meaning assoc. with “heart,” which I think is love and courage.

Well then it is a good message. I’m glad.

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Inception lol 1515

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